Shaving vs. Waxing: What’s Better for Your Skin?

When choosing to wax or shave, the deciding factor is usually one of convenience, as well as a pain-free option. These factors tend to overshadow the question of whether our chosen method can leave us with healthy-looking skin. Waxing or shaving is an essential part of maintaining the body, but with so many products, techniques and advice available, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose and which method is better for us individually.

It makes sense to spend some time finding the treatment that suits you best, and which instantly leaves your skin feeling smooth and conditioned afterward.

Shaving Pros and Cons

Disposable razors are quick and easy, and cheap to purchase. Offering a more convenient solution when using in the shower, and when in a rush, shaving gives quick and instant results compared to a wax. Yet, the pros stop there, as it is the aftermath of shaving that is usually the worst on the skin.

For many, the shaved area can become irritable and inflamed, resulting in a rash. At its worst, it can lead to pimples and even an infection. This often looks unsightly, especially in areas on show. More so, for the more delicate areas, for instance, bikini lines, this can remain problematic for a couple of days to a week or two after using a razor.

Waxing Pros and Cons

Having a wax instead of shaving is typically seen as a rather time-consuming method of eliminating body hair. Whether choosing to wax from home or visiting a professional, the pain of a wax is not seen as an ideal way to spend your time either, especially on the more delicate areas of the body! Although, the pros of having a wax over a shave outweigh any potential cons.

Though it may be a slightly painful initial procedure, there are no sore aftermaths to deal with. It is a more thorough process and the only one that fully cuts back all the hair. Where shaving only removes hair at the surface, a wax removes hair from the root, meaning it takes longer to grow back.

Seeking Professional Advice

Waxing professionally is the best way to achieve healthy hair-free skin. If you wax at home, it can become a chore finding the space and paraphernalia to get the job done. A pre-booked visit to a professional in a salon ensures your wax will be done as comfortably as possible, leaving you with the smoothest and healthiest feeling skin. What’s more, it will become possible to remain hair free for up to as much as six weeks, after a few initial regular visits to prepare your skin.