4 Ways to Delay Your Period

If you are looking for ways you can delay your period, there are many ways that you can do so. You might want to delay the periods because you will be attending a certain event or are going on holiday for a few days. To help you in the process, here are some of the ways to delay your period.


When you find it is not convenient for you to have periods because of a holiday or occasion you will be attending, you can get a prescription for Norethisterone. This is one of the most popular pills for delaying menstruation. To get the desired results when using this pill it is good to be prepared and organized. You should take this pill three times a day and begin to take it three days before the day that you get your periods. This pill makes your period to come two to three days after you stop taking it.

Use the Pill

It is also possible to avoid getting periods by using the contraceptive pill. You can use the pill as long as you do not suffer negative effects and you are healthy. To do this, you need to begin a new strip of pills after your one week break. It is advisable to take the pill back to back for a period of no more than three months. Using the pills for more than this period might make you experience bleeding or spotting. After you stop taking the pill, you will start getting the periods as usual.


For a short term fix you can delay your period by use of a Softcup. You might want to have short fix so that you can enjoy sex. The Softcup is inserted and can be worn for up to twelve hours. However, it is worth noting that it is not a contraceptive device and will not offer you protection against sexual transmitted illnesses.

Ring or Patch

In case you make use of a contraceptive ring like Nuvaring as a way of contraception, you can pop a new ring in place after three weeks instead of having to wait for the one week break. On the other hand, if you use a contraceptive patch such as EVRA, you can skip it to miss your period. It is advisable to skip your period for a period of no more than three months using these contraceptives.