Cut your grass to keep fit and feel good

Grass Cutting in Glasgow Keeps Residents Fit

One of the best ways to fight off the winter flab is to work in the garden. Keeping grass cut, hedgerows trimmed and pathways weeded takes a great deal of energy and can be quite a workout. Researchers have known for years that cutting the grass can have a dramatic effect on one’s sense of well-being, and it’s no secret that grass cutting in Glasgow and yards around the globe burns calories. Working in the garden helps us with our range of motion as we reach, bend and stretch to accomplish the upkeep.

The Mind Body Connection

Researchers have uncovered part of the reason we feel so good after cutting the grass. in 2009, the Daily Mail reported that scientific research found a chemical that is released when the grass is cut that causes us to feel relaxed and happy. So as we trudge along behind the machine, dumping grass clippings into the bin, the stress relief we feel is real. Not only that, but researches also believe that this same chemical may help keep our minds sharp and focused, slowing mental decay and improving the quality life for us in our golden years. This may explain why we have a natural proclivity for enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass. Our bodies understand that by taking a deep breath, we can ingest a larger quantity of grasses “feel good chemical.”

The study conducted over a seven year period in Australia created a perfume to mimic the smell of fresh cut grass to help people relieve stress and boost their memory. Inspired by the natural fragrances of pine woods and fresh cut lawns, researchers believe the natural chemicals and their designer copy work in the brain in the amygdala, where emotions are processed and the hippocampus, an area of the brain that is linked to memory.

Studies have shown that persons under constant stress have damage to the hippocampus, so it’s great news that a simple grass cutting in Glasgow can help counter the effects of stress and help us to relax. Not only do we benefit from this relaxation chemical, cutting our grass also gives us a sense of accomplishment. This also helps boost our emotional health and well-being.

Grass Cutting in Glasgow

Cutting grass in Glasgow may have extraordinary health benefits, but for some of us, life is too busy to take a weekend to cut the grass and care for the garden. When life gets too busy it is comforting to know that we can hire a lawn service, such as Garden Force. We can take great comfort in the knowledge that lawn care professionals can take care of the garden, but we still benefit from the smell of fresh cut grass. The piece of mind we have knowing that there is someone there to keep the garden also relieves the stress of worry so when you don’t have time to do it yourself, turn to the professionals to come do grass cutting in Glasgow for you.

5 Reasons to Take a Personal Trainer Course

personal trainer ukAre you considering a career move? If so, there are tons of options, but one of the best ones is definitely a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). To become one you’ll need to take a personal trainer course. That will provide you with all the know-how needed to be an effective CPT. However, besides knowing the requirements of becoming a CPT, you should also consider the various benefits of becoming one. While several exist, here are some of the key ones:

1. Free Gym Membership

If you’re a CPT for a gym, then you’ll likely receive a free gym membership. That’s definitely a plus, as you’ll be able to get free workouts whenever you want. As a CPT you’re likely interested in maintaining good health, so it’s a plus if you can enjoy doing that at no extra cost. It’s also an excellent chance to meet potential customers while you’re doing your workout. There will likely be people working out in the gym who are looking for a personal trainer.

2. Motivation for Personal Fitness

It’s much easier to stay in shape when it’s your job to do that. You’ll still need to motivate yourself to do workouts, but you’ll actually get a workout by working as a CPT. That involves preparing workout equipment, spotting the exerciser, and so on. Besides that, working in a fitness environment will certainly help to provide motivation for keeping yourself fit as well. It would be less likely if you had a desk job, in which it’s easy to become unmotivated about doing workouts.

personal training courses

3. Networking with Other CPTs

This can be a great way to become a better CPT. That’s because you’ll be able to exchange ideas, motivate each other, and maybe even get someone to fill in for you when you’re sick, on vacation, etc. Interestingly, one of the potential drawbacks of working as a CPT is having less support than in other jobs. However, by networking you can certainly solve that problem.

4. Flexible Hours

A potential drawback of working as a CPT is that you won’t work a 9-to-5 type of job because that’s when most people are at work or school. However, a possible benefit is that you won’t have to work the same hours daily. This will help to add some variety in your schedule. While you’ll likely have to work your schedule around your clients’ best times for workouts, it can be exciting to have a flexi-time work schedule that allows you to work at different times on different days.

5. Fulfillment of helping others

It could be argued that helping people get into shape as a CPT is just part of the job. While that’s true, it’s definitely rewarding when you’re able to help people meet their fitness goals. That’s especially true when they’re suffering from health conditions or diseases that could be worsened by health issues, such as obesity. Watching your clients reach certain health and fitness milestones can certainly help you to feel fulfilled and motivated about your work.

Keep fit and healthy in Billericay

With an established history stretching back into the Bronze Ages, Billericay is a little town tucked away in the Basildon borough of Essex. It has the quintessential “small-town feeling”; with Central London about a half-hour’s drive away. The population of just over 36,000 is about the size of a large American University.

Town Fitness in Billericay

Just because Billericay is small – even for a town – doesn’t mean it isn’t a hotbed of activity. For old and new residents alike, the website is a fantastic starting place to learn about the myriad of events and places where there are things to do. For example, places such as the Stock Village Hall, St. Martins School gym and the Agila Gym Studio have held Zumba Fitness Classes for the locals – children and adults alike – to get fit with the relatively new interval training exercise regimen popularized in the United States. As fun as this is, there are also outdoor options for those prefer a changeup to the indoor atmosphere.

Billericay Open Spaces

Billericay has lovely scenery almost completely untouched by industrialization, which makes for great scenic walks and outdoor exercise. There’s Norsey Wood, which is an open nature reserve with both ancient and fresh trees; the latter grow from the coppice as a result of the forestry practice of woodland management. A jog through these woods is sure to bring you across the large scenic mansions along Norsey Road, just off the path.

Lake Meadows, on the other hand, is just as open as Norsey – but much more involved in the hosting of local events. There are concerts and fireworks during certain times of the year. The lake is open for fishing; or, you can jog around it with a partner – or play Frisbee with another. Cricket and wresting are the two favored sports there, so there’s plenty of fitness to go around.

Queens Park Country Park is not so much a fitness venue anymore, although it used to be prime parkland for the purpose of playing any sport you might wish – from baseball to wrestling. Recently, it has been re-commissioned as an area for the development of wildlife. You can still schedule visits to the beautiful expanse of pristine land, rolling into the horizon; there’s an expansive footpath that enables almost illimitable sight-seeing.

There’s pretty much anything you might want to do to keep fit in Billericay – football teams, public gyms for working out, and even running groups for those of you that need the social interaction when you train. For a more leisurely way to keep fit, hit the nearby golf course or cricket grounds for an organized game between friends. To step it up even more, there’s the option of joining up with a local sports team, where things get a bit more serious – and fun! They certainly take your fitness to a new level.

Oral Health in Billericay

Thankfully, you don’t have to commute to Central London to find a dentist if you live in Billericay (the town isn’t that small, after all). The same kind of options as you would expect to find anywhere else are available; whether you need a dental implant or any of the myriad techniques of cosmetic dentistry for an improved smile. For a quick run-down of what a dentist Billericay would offer, consider the following:

  • Veneers; which are strong, very thin layers of porcelain or composite material bonded to your damaged teeth. Veneers correct chipped and crooked teeth, and protect the damaged part by acting as a shield against continued breakdown.
  • Crowns; which are more involved – though they solve a similar problem. First off, a crown requires an X-ray so that your Billericay dentist can better prepare the tooth, and locate any underlying health issues that aren’t immediately obvious at a glance. It is more invasive than the veneer, and looks just as good once it is fused onto the tooth – additionally, it makes the entire structure considerably stronger.
  • Bridges and abutments are for replacing several missing teeth in a row. The underlying principle is simple: a bridge needs support, and uses the jawbone and teeth on either side as support to correct the problem. The effect a bridge has is a very practical and useful one: it stops continued damage by spreading the strain of chewing over the other teeth once placed. Obviously, it also improves your smile considerably.