Choosing a Dentist for Dental Implants

With emerging technology, dental implants continue to be popular as a way of reconstructing a damaged smile and supporting the remaining teeth and the integrity of the jaw. Most dental clinics have professional implantologists who can implant dentures and structures that keep them in place. Finding dental implants is thus an effortless task, as most clinics you come across will likely have them. However, not all dentists will do a good job on your smile and some implants have turned out to be a bad idea. It is therefore important to know your dentist and review their reputation before spending your money.

Things to consider

Implants are offered to different kinds of people who have lost their natural teeth for various reasons, which range from accidents to diseases and degradation or trauma. The type and size of implants you get will depend on the number of teeth you are missing. Some of the things to consider when looking for implants include the following:

Clinic/dentist reputation – it is advisable to choose credible and reliable dentists and clinics that have a good reputation in the area. Look through previous client reviews and comments to learn from their experiences and gauge the level of quality service a given facility provides.

Pre-implant preparation – there are a few things to do before you get dental implants. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol in the months leading to the implants, getting enough rest, cleaning your mouth and teeth regularly to avoid infections and preparing the area for new implants are all part of the process. Your dentist should be able to discuss all these with you during consultancy.

Post-implant care – after the implants have been put in place, you will probably experience some form of pain and inflammation. However, this will soon fade away as you get used to the new implants in your mouth. A list of things to do and avoid will be advised by your dentist depending on the surgery performed.

Maintenance and replacement – some dental implants are permanent while others are not. It is important to know how you will clean and maintain your implants, and prevent any further infection of dental diseases. If your implants are temporary, you should maintain contact with your dentist to keep your schedules and get help in case of any issues.

Dental implants are very popular and good quality work is not easy to identify as the implants look like natural teeth. If you have enough money, you can choose top quality permanent implants that will replace all your bad teeth and you do not have to worry about removing them.