Keep fit and healthy in Billericay

With an established history stretching back into the Bronze Ages, Billericay is a little town tucked away in the Basildon borough of Essex. It has the quintessential “small-town feeling”; with Central London about a half-hour’s drive away. The population of just over 36,000 is about the size of a large American University.

Town Fitness in Billericay

Just because Billericay is small – even for a town – doesn’t mean it isn’t a hotbed of activity. For old and new residents alike, the website is a fantastic starting place to learn about the myriad of events and places where there are things to do. For example, places such as the Stock Village Hall, St. Martins School gym and the Agila Gym Studio have held Zumba Fitness Classes for the locals – children and adults alike – to get fit with the relatively new interval training exercise regimen popularized in the United States. As fun as this is, there are also outdoor options for those prefer a changeup to the indoor atmosphere.

Billericay Open Spaces

Billericay has lovely scenery almost completely untouched by industrialization, which makes for great scenic walks and outdoor exercise. There’s Norsey Wood, which is an open nature reserve with both ancient and fresh trees; the latter grow from the coppice as a result of the forestry practice of woodland management. A jog through these woods is sure to bring you across the large scenic mansions along Norsey Road, just off the path.

Lake Meadows, on the other hand, is just as open as Norsey – but much more involved in the hosting of local events. There are concerts and fireworks during certain times of the year. The lake is open for fishing; or, you can jog around it with a partner – or play Frisbee with another. Cricket and wresting are the two favored sports there, so there’s plenty of fitness to go around.

Queens Park Country Park is not so much a fitness venue anymore, although it used to be prime parkland for the purpose of playing any sport you might wish – from baseball to wrestling. Recently, it has been re-commissioned as an area for the development of wildlife. You can still schedule visits to the beautiful expanse of pristine land, rolling into the horizon; there’s an expansive footpath that enables almost illimitable sight-seeing.

There’s pretty much anything you might want to do to keep fit in Billericay – football teams, public gyms for working out, and even running groups for those of you that need the social interaction when you train. For a more leisurely way to keep fit, hit the nearby golf course or cricket grounds for an organized game between friends. To step it up even more, there’s the option of joining up with a local sports team, where things get a bit more serious – and fun! They certainly take your fitness to a new level.

Oral Health in Billericay

Thankfully, you don’t have to commute to Central London to find a dentist if you live in Billericay (the town isn’t that small, after all). The same kind of options as you would expect to find anywhere else are available; whether you need a dental implant or any of the myriad techniques of cosmetic dentistry for an improved smile. For a quick run-down of what a dentist Billericay would offer, consider the following:

  • Veneers; which are strong, very thin layers of porcelain or composite material bonded to your damaged teeth. Veneers correct chipped and crooked teeth, and protect the damaged part by acting as a shield against continued breakdown.
  • Crowns; which are more involved – though they solve a similar problem. First off, a crown requires an X-ray so that your Billericay dentist can better prepare the tooth, and locate any underlying health issues that aren’t immediately obvious at a glance. It is more invasive than the veneer, and looks just as good once it is fused onto the tooth – additionally, it makes the entire structure considerably stronger.
  • Bridges and abutments are for replacing several missing teeth in a row. The underlying principle is simple: a bridge needs support, and uses the jawbone and teeth on either side as support to correct the problem. The effect a bridge has is a very practical and useful one: it stops continued damage by spreading the strain of chewing over the other teeth once placed. Obviously, it also improves your smile considerably.