Psychological Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Can the right cosmetic dentistry literally change your life? An interesting contribution from our Essex friends at

If you remain a little bit sceptical about whether or not the right cosmetic dentistry procedures can transform your life (almost overnight) as it is so often reported by people that have had a bit of work done, hopefully this quick bit of information below changes your outlook.

You see, there’s a reason why the overwhelming majority of people that have decided to take advantage of cosmetic dentistry report that their lives, their happiness levels, and their confidence shoots up significantly – and that they enjoy life much more now than they ever did when they felt that their smile was lacking.

A cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, was the first person to really dive deep into the link between cosmetic procedures and the sense of self-worth that people feel. He published a book on the findings that has become one of the most popular resources on the planet for self-confidence and psychology, a bestseller almost each and every single year and a beloved title that has changed millions of lives all over the globe.

This is some pretty wild stuff, for sure, but the cold hard truth of the matter is that you might be able to completely change your life just by getting a bit of cosmetic dentistry performed.

Now, obviously, you might not be able to go from zero to hero with just a bit of teeth whitening, but who knows?
The right cosmetic procedure that changes your smile significantly could be the tipping point that makes everything a lot easier, come more naturally, and provides you with the kind of confidence and radiant success that forces the dominoes to start falling in your direction.

Here are just a couple of ways that a proper cosmetic dentistry procedure that elevates your smile from “so-so” to Hollywood status (all without breaking your bank account in the process) can give you a brand-new outlook on life – and also change the way that people look at you forever!

A healthy and happy smile is consistently ranked as one of the most attractive features there is.

There have been numerous studies published over the last 20 or 30 years that have continued to illustrate just how important a happy and healthy smile is as far as attraction is concerned.
Consistently ranked at the top (or near the top) of the list of what men and women are looking for in a sexual partner, a pearly white smile with perfectly aligned teeth gives you an almost unfair advantage over your competition – especially when so many people are dealing with a less than perfect smiles.

If you feel like you only need a couple of tweaks or just a minor change to elevate you into a top tier of attractiveness, or want to get a bit of an edge over any of the people that you’re competing with when it comes to partners, a bit of cosmetic dentistry might be the perfect move to make.

This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and have your teeth filed down with crowns applied across the board or that you should have dental implants plugged in for teeth that had no real reason to be removed – oftentimes, a bit of teeth whitening or bleaching is usually more than enough to get the job done.

However, if you do need those more “involved” procedures to really transform your smile from the ground up, don’t shy away from them just because you aren’t sure if they are really worth it.They almost always will be.

Your confidence with the opposite sex will shoot through the roof when your smile is perfect.

Going back to the research that Dr. Maxwell Maltz did, he discovered that there was an incredible link between how we felt about ourselves, how we acted, and whether or not we were able to leave the kinds of happy and healthy lives we were supposed to and everything that we saw in the mirror.

This is why some people can go their entire lives with small scars or abnormalities on their face or body and never feel really complete, and why the same people can go in and have an almost imperceptible change made with the help of a cosmetic dental professional or surgeon and come away from the experience like completely new people.

If you feel like your confidence could use a bit of a lift, you’re going to want to think about upgrading your smile first and foremost. We all understand the importance of our smile during normal social interactions, and if you really want to make a favorable impression right out of the gate you’ll want to hit them with your pearly whites.

With a smile that has been upgraded with a bit of cosmetic dentistry, you’re going to be able to almost mesmerize people at the moment that you start to smile – giving you a significant edge over just about every social interaction you deal with on a day to day basis.

You’ll enjoy better job prospects, higher wages, and more respect when you have a perfect smile.

Surprising to some (and not so surprising to others), research has shown that people that have a higher level of attractiveness are more respected at work, earn higher wages, are trusted with leadership positions, are looked at as more competent and successful, and are almost always promoted faster than those that are not.

Now, in a perfect world, this wouldn’t happen. Everyone would be graded on their actual skill level and expertise as well as the value that they bring to the workplace, but we aren’t living in a perfect bubble world – we are living in reality.

If you know this to be true (and even if you’ve only suspected it), you have to also understand that upgrading your smile with a bit of cosmetic dentistry could put you on the fast track to success at the office.

Because a perfect smile is such a critical factor in gauging someone’s attractiveness, when you have a perfect smile (with the help of a cosmetic dentist) you’re going to improve your chances of success at work dramatically.